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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Beautiful Morning in SD

Yesterday I went for a walk.  Although its only the beginning of April the sun is strong, the world around us is turning rapidly into an emerald paradise. Our town is still under water in some parts and the sump pumps are spewing water on sidewalks up and down the streets.

We have just signed a lease to rent our in town home for another year because our little homestead in Vt. has not yet sold.  We also have a second homestead for sale that friends have asked us to help them  sell.
So, 2 farms for sale and we are residing in town.  Hhhmm.

I want to use this coming year to connect with others on here who share the same thoughts and views that Rog and I share.  We raised our own meat, veggies (when the gardens co operate) eggs, etc.
I am struggling with learning the ins and outs of canning but am finding that  food drying is so much easier and the mess is almost non existent.  Not to mention there is no buying of expensive jars.

Now I have to finish some buttons for the last of the pjs to be put on Etsy. Pillows have to be completed for the linen sets and hopefully tonight we will post more.

Does anyone know how to place a permanent link on my blog ?

Thanks everyone and have a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 1

Ok, I have finally opened my tiny shop. Over the week end I dragged myself kicking, screaming and making every excuse I could think of to the computer to make my little virtual shop a reality.  Being an older crafter I felt that I had even more obstacles than most but this is one time that I refuse to walk away and give up. Peggy from Hidden Haven has been an inspiration on this journey as she always sets her goals and walks straight ahead to reach them... soooo here I go!

As I meet new people here I would like to ask a question.  How can I take a simple, basic craft such as preemie and doll sewing and make it sing with creativity!  I think that it must be in the way we look at our items and how we see ourselves. 

I'm listening... (and with a very open mind)

Have a great day.