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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 1

Ok, I have finally opened my tiny shop. Over the week end I dragged myself kicking, screaming and making every excuse I could think of to the computer to make my little virtual shop a reality.  Being an older crafter I felt that I had even more obstacles than most but this is one time that I refuse to walk away and give up. Peggy from Hidden Haven has been an inspiration on this journey as she always sets her goals and walks straight ahead to reach them... soooo here I go!

As I meet new people here I would like to ask a question.  How can I take a simple, basic craft such as preemie and doll sewing and make it sing with creativity!  I think that it must be in the way we look at our items and how we see ourselves. 

I'm listening... (and with a very open mind)

Have a great day.


  1. Mary just take it one day and one project at a time or it will get overwhelming. So happy you are blogging and will be popping in a lot to see what you are up to. You are always trying new things where I tend to stick to simple. You have more strength and nerve than I..... so keep going girlfriend!

  2. Oh and Mary, put a link to your etsy shop on your blog so readers know about it and can go from your blog and shop.

  3. I have no idea because I can't sew!! I will however be checking in regularly and reading! Maybe buying if you put your shop online.

  4. Welcome to Bloggyland, we are glad to have you!
    I came via Sweet Peggy's blog.
    Have a great wk.

  5. Sweet Peggy is correct. One of the sweetest women I have ever been blessed to know!
    Now I have just one more questie...

    How to I post a link that will stay put somewhere?

  6. Hi ya Mary, welcome to Cyber space and Blogland, I have been blogging about two years now aand love it, some how things just fall into place, and you will meet so many great gals that blog too, it is a very special community, be blessed and be a blessing, Barbara from

  7. I just started a lengthy post only to hit the backwards button and poof it was all gone.

    Our warm spring has given birth to snow, sleet and biting winds. So extreme and so quickly!

    Well, I did some thinking about the question I asked in my first post... how to be more creative.

    Well, being a person that loves word play I took the word create and added such things as the preface 're' recreate. Thats it!! I need a bit of recreation. We went for a ride where we saw birds of every sort a large crane, pheasants, american coot, ducks snow geese and american geese. The colors we stunning esp. against the backgrounds of their home environment. Colors that you would never have thought of putting together. Different colors than I usually gravitate towards. Sometimes things can be so simple and enjoyable.

  8. Wow, its been a long time since I have visited here. After 12 hours of sleep I am feeling wildly refreshed and ready to start again.

    Where have I been lately??? Right here figh
    ting an ongoing attack of the crazed leprechauns (sp)

    No, Im not crazy but that is the only reasonable answer to all of the things that are happening .
    Along with the missing sock mates and the misplaced keys there is sooo much more.
    My sewing machine died, my sergers settings dance happily up and down without reason, the dust bunnies upstairs are the size of wooly mammoths and the sink is full of dishes although I do them at least 2 times a day and there is only 2 of us here.

    This smells of conspiracy to me.

    Ok,ok, I admit it.. the sewing machine choked out due to having passed the point of desperately needing a professional cleaning, the serger has a mind of its own, I havent been able to pull a matching pair of socks out of the washer since 1970 (did I just admit that) and if you cook you're going to make dishes BUT I refuse to take full responsibility for all those dust bunnies! I am convinced that while we sleep those little guys in green bring them in the house via wheelbarrows and blow them from one end of the place to the other.

    I rest my case.